Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello after almost 4 months.

So, I'm sorry again 'cause I'm so bad at keep on blogging.
I sometimes wonder why I'm so bad at it.

These are the news from the past fourth months.


I got a letter from my 1st pen pal from Singapore which was very lovely and had samples of tea and coffee milk.

Japanese green tea was so good! I really want to drink that kind, so bad it can't be found in my country. (sad face)

Also late April a Japanese post-rock band called MONO came to my city! for a moment I thought about not going...but I'm gad I did in the end!! 

They came around 2 years ago but I didn't know much about their music back there, but believe they are way better during lives that what you can listen in YouTube.

Please check them out if they go to your country anytime! (smile)

The atmosphere during the live was so dreamy and melancholic that I felt my eyes being full of tears sometimes. I enjoyed this live so much I hope I gotta have the chance to go another performance.

Also, I dyed my hair black and started to go Korean lessons 'cause I just felt like doing so.

I'm not a big fan of k-pop but I do like K-doramas and movies and some musicians and stuff so I really just wanted to do so.

I'm gonna start 2nd module on the 10th tho.

I went shopping with a friend and found this on the store. (laughs) I liked it so much I had to take a pic.

And being a big fan of Howl's Moving Castle I found the original English version of the book. I already have it in Spanish and Japanese which I found by luck.


Went out with my friends a few times and had lots of fun. (laughs) 

I loved this instant 'cause we look so happy together. A very very cute pic indeed.

Got Ni no kuni game and kept playing Pokemon 'cause I can't defeat the master at the end...

I also went to watch how a friend recorded one of his songs. It was a nice experience although the producer (?) was such a jerk.


I got a Marimo!! (pic courtesy of my deary <3) It was a present and I love it so much! It's very very very cute and aww (laughs).

I also had summer course at my Job and believe me I'm totally dead! Three weeks with 3 different groups each week but Woah! I enjoyed it but I end up really really drained of energy (laughs).

That's all for the time being (smile) I have some news I wanna share but until the 7th. 

So see ya soon!

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