Sunday, April 21, 2013



It's being a while since I wrote here, but I think I just find what the use of a blog is.

Sometimes or more like always I keep posting pictures and quotes and stupid phrases in my FB account but then I say: "Why don't I post them in my blog." 

The answer: I don't fucking know. (laughs)

I start using twitter again also, you can follow me @red_hopedays. 
I opened another one but maintaining two accounts its pretty bothersome.
I also managed an Instagram with randomness and boring stuff...but anyway you are also free to follow me. (the same as twitter)

In other news I got a haircut on Friday, my hair is still pretty dead but well at least I think I can dye it blonde again. (yeah yeah more money and those)

Here a pic.

I love those sunglasses they are brandless and I got them at a flea market, it says they are Ray-Ban but they are not. Anyway I'm not so bond to brands unless is Vivienne Westwood. (OMG I so love her)

I had to modify my bangs 'cause they were cut kinda weird (laughs), either way I loved my hair (smile).

I also have being buying beaty stuff like make up (asian one), running shoes and stationary.

Here some of the stuff I bought in the past months.

well...so far so good!

see ya!

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  1. i really want to dye my hair too! but my job ;__;