Friday, November 16, 2012


So I started watching anime once again after a long time...

The series I decided to go with is "TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE" (so nostalgic)

Back in elementary school I loved "CARD CAPTOR SAKURA" and "MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH", they will always be one of my favourite works by CLAMP.

(I want to read and watch all of their manga and anime tbh).

So by the time I was in High School TSUBASA started being published and not longer after they made it anime so at the time, it was quite hard to find it online (believe it or not) so I just let it be, sincerely.

Last weekend I keep on watching the 1st season which I recently finished. My opinion:


It's so nice to see Mokona with a more important role plus Fai is so charming!

The story in general is nice and quite complicated but not to the extent to lost it if you miss a chapter, also something nice I found is that seasons are not too long but not too short either. 26 episodes per season sounds reasonable taking in count the manga is 28 volumes.

Now talking about the characters, my 1st impression of Syoran was that he is too serious! and over protective but well...it's no a bad character, he is quite insecure and lonely too. Is weird to see Fujitaka as his father in here!

Kurogane is the active character here, very impatient, rude, violent not so prudent and warrior like, you know the feeling.

Fai is the mama like character but with a "I never know what he is thinking" feeling. He is cool. (laughs)

Sakura is the sleepy princess, most of the 1st season she is sleeping of passing out, she is the very well behaved with a "kind heart as big as the world" princess of the story. It is not that I hate this Sakura but I liked the active, brave and cool Sakura. This princess is too girly for me.

And finally Mokona, as I mentioned is more active in here, she/he/it (laugh) is the guide of the group, very cute, fluffy, kinda useless sometimes but also the one you can't live without.

So basically the thing is not going so bad (kinda slow in some parts) and I will start watching season 2, after that I still have 2 OVA's to watch and a movie. (laughs)

see ya!

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  1. it was hard for me to get into it because the characters were from other shows x_x
    but Sakura is the main character..
    i'll check it out, thanks :D