Monday, August 13, 2012


After looking for this shoes as if there were no tomorrow I finally got them!

ROCKING HORSE SHOES!! YES!!, I need new clothes to fit this shoes (laughs)

And well...in other news, this weekend I went to an event called GARAGE ART in which the idea was to reunite all kind of artists in order to show their works and sell them.

It was so fun and nice 'cause I got to see friends and met new people!

very very nice!

Here is a pic of the stuff I got <3

Post-cards were made by BELI, seifuku girls made by KO!KOA and the eye ring you can't even see by another girl I don't remember her name...sorry. (laughs)


  1. I like them but i dont think i could wear them (easily falls down)

  2. ah the bowtie and fringe are a unique combo!