Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Boy Who Accepted The Star

The title of the song in Japanese is 『星を飲んだ少年』. If you are familiarized with Ghibli you may know this one is from Howl's Moving Castle Movie (which is actually my favourite one).

Believe me blogging is not as easy as it seems (in my case), the past two weeks my life has been quite quiet (laugh) but I did went to some places.

Here in my city (Mexico City) there are lots of galleries, museums, art toy stores and so...very fancy places and some not so fancy (laugh).

On the 7th I went to an opening ceremony @ ROJO BERMELO which is a Design Store in Colonia Condesa.

As you can see the title for this expo was "It's a Pink World After All" with the collaboration of five female artist.

Aya Kakeda (Japan), Anabel Vanoni (Argentinian based in Mexico), Gaby Fuentes, Matucha and NEWS (Mexico).

It was very enjoyable even tough they started a bit after 7:00pm.

As a souvenir I bought a poster with artwork by Aya K. which she kindly signed for me ♥♥

And now is nicely framed and hanging on my wall (smile).

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