Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are you looking for something?

I do, time and will to do my stuff...

I'm quite lazy this days but I got tons of work to do...not a good time to feel lazy (laughs)

Almost two weeks since my last post...(2 weeks! oh shhhhh...) 

geez...anyway nothing interesting happened during this time (laughs)

Last weekend I watched "Whisper of the heart" or『耳をすませば』another fantastic movie from Studio Ghibli (which I'm a great fan of). I could see myself in Shizuku (believe it or not) I really enjoyed this movie ♥

...and here some things I realized while watching it...

Can you see the book that says "TOTORO"?,there near Shizuku's shoulder.

Porco Rosso!!

here I can only think in no other witch than Kiki (laughs)
and this...well that's totally me. (not so funny)

This one I like 'cause I really want to be able to look at this kind of scenery one day from my window's room in Japan

I really loved this movie, so far "Howl's Moving Castle" is my favorite from Ghibli but wow! I felt a special connection with this one.


  1. nunca lo había notado o.o
    Excelente ojo Ringo

  2. same! that's one of my favorite ghibli films ever too! :D wow i never noticed those things, next time im watching out for them